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  2. Recruiting

    Join my legion.
  3. Pinoy Tambay

    Pinoy Tambay at rank 10 with occasional vacancies
  4. Набор в клан МЕДВЕЖИЙ✓ФАРШ.
  5. we missed out on an opponent again. means we cant complete daily missions with rescues in them, we miss out on rewards and we lose our lead. Maybe if their isnt a match by the time the match starts you can vs NPC agency or something that automates a battle. We got 50 very bored players sitting doing nothing. Only other option is for us to create a brand new faction so atleast we get matches. - Bored Aussie spies
  6. Pinoy Tambay

    Rank 34 level 7
  7. i have worked out the exact formula but the official response is it increases after time which is true.
  8. In battle we see it happen that the start of the battle points drip in slowly, but near the end of the battle we gather them rapidly. How does this work? Does the amount of traps, codes, defending agents etc. do anything here? Anybody have this worked out a bit?
  9. Lock agencies during battles.

    So do we, but by than the location of the code can be comunicated.
  10. Lock agencies during battles.

    Great suggestion, we kick all new members during competion for that reason.
  11. Lock agencies during battles.

    Hello Devs. I know this game is named spymaster and all, but we do suspect agencies to place a spy into our angency during a battle just to see where the codes are. And I have no intention of starting any flamewar/blamewar here, but it would be good to patch this option. Greetings, ..::Zedemon::.. ..::Hollandia::..
  12. We have had this too on the 25th. thats how QuebElite passed us again for 3th place. Greetings ..::Zedemon::.. ..::Hollandia::..
  13. Pinoy Tambay

    Rank 91 level 6
  14. Has everybody elses battles started?
  15. ArcherVice

    Hi all There are many great agencies in this game, and we have full respect for all of them. ArcherVice is recruiting new members now, and while we don't wish to break up the comradeship of other agencies we do offer invitations for New players, and members of less active agencies, to join us. We are active, supportive, and friendly. Many of us have been playing from the beginning, and are able to offer game play advice for New players, as well as ongoing support for all. No matter how much experience you may have you are always welcome in ArcherVice.
  16. Pinoy Tambay

    Currently at Rank 127 with 41,139 points
  17. Message the devs to tell them that. Also suggest a confirm button there as well. I guess I'll be back in ten hours?
  18. Phantasm please come back to aussie spies, didnt mean to kick you!!!
  19. Good game Candian Bacon

    From your friendly Aussie Spies Agency!
  20. Very hard fought. Many raid codes and mcguffins spent. will be a while to recover fron that one!
  21. CanadianBacon recruitment

    No specific tz we have players spread out we only started out as na tz but since open to all gathered a good mix
  22. CanadianBacon recruitment

    Do you have a specific time zone or you have a good bunch of agent across the world ?
  23. Pinoy Tambay

    INCENTIVES: 1 free random hack every month. Come join now!!
  24. Pinoy Tambay

    Hi Jeremy here. Pinoy tambay is currently looking for members. There is vacancy. The alliance is currently level 6 with abundance of hacks unlocked with said level. Pinoy tambay is currently at rank 420 ( kush). I'm currently at 30,000 points at level 28.
  25. CanadianBacon recruitment

    I would like to add that we are an agency that really helps each other to grow and play often on a daily basis. I was in different agency's where i found great people (i always felt sorry to leave but most were just not as active as i am) perhaps you see my note here and think 'yes that is what i am looking for too' well then join us! Hope to see you soon! Oh and....i am not canadian at all, just 'oer hollands' To agents who know me: How are you guys? Would love to hear from you! My direct discord id: qwerty#8927
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