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    Idea is that instead of a random base per season we can choose our own. Everything is worth a certain # of points and the cost goes up for consecutive items You get 100x points per level: Level Points 1 100 2 200 3 300 4 400 5 500 6 600 7 700 8 800 9 900 10 1000 15 1500 20 2000 25 2500 30 3000 And the item costs: DEFENSE 1st 2nd 3rd MAX Titans 100 200 300 600 Turret or Acid 100 200 300 600 Spawner ( 1x ) 100 200 300 600 Spawner ( 2x ) 200 400 600 1200 Spawner ( 3x ) 300 600 900 1800 Scavengers ( groups of 10 ) Speed * 5 each Speed * 5 each Speed * 5 each 1500-4500 So this means your FIRST titan costs 100 points, your SECOND costs 200 more points, etc. So this means your FIRST spawner that is x1 speed is 100 points, your second x1 speed is 200, etc. BUT you can buy 1 spawner at (x1) speed for 100 and your 2nd spawner can be (x2) but since it's your first (x2) speed spawner it costs 200 not 400. Scavenger bots cost 5 points each ( groups of 10 ) times the speed of the spawner. So 10 bots on an (x1) spawner costs 50 points, 100 points on a (x2) spawner, and 150 points on a (x3) spawner. Example of purchases: Lv10 ( 1,000 pts ) Cost 1st Titan 100 2nd Titan 200 1st (1x) Spawner 100 2nd (1x) Spawner 200 40 bots on 1st spawner 200 40 bots on 2nd spawner 200 Lv15 ( 1,500 pts ) Cost 1st Titan 100 2nd Titan 200 1st (1x) Spawner 100 2nd (1x) Spawner 200 3rd (1x) Spawner 300 40 bots on 1st spawner 200 40 bots on 2nd spawner 200 40 bots on 3rd spawner 200 Lv20 ( 2,000 pts ) Cost 1st Titan 100 2nd Titan 200 3rd Titan 300 1st (1x) Spawner 100 1st (2x) Spawner 200 2nd (2x) Spawner 400 60 bots on (x1) spawner 300 20 bots on (x2) spawner 200 20 bots on (x2) spawner 200 Lv25 ( 2,500 pts ) Cost 1st Titan 100 2nd Titan 200 3rd Titan 300 1st (2x) Spawner 200 2nd (2x) Spawner 400 3rd (2x) Spawner 600 20 bots on (x2) spawner 200 20 bots on (x2) spawner 200 20 bots on (x2) spawner 200 1st Turret 100 Lv30 ( 3,000 pts ) Cost 1st Titan 100 2nd Titan 200 3rd Titan 300 1st (1x) Spawner 100 1st (2x) Spawner 200 1st (3x) Spawner 300 80 bots on (x1) spawner 400 50 bots on (x2) spawner 500 40 bots on (x3) spawner 600 1st Turret 100 2nd Turret 200 It would require real PVP tests to tweak and balance the fairness but I think this should be pretty fair.
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    Hi all! Ascalon is looking for active and friendly players. We are currently open with a few spots to be filled. If we hit a few good guys up we will be in the top 25 for sure! There are no level or a specific arena points required, but we do handle some other rules [~] Keep rising on arena points, inactives will be kicked on sight [~] Officer title can be earned by being active and contribute to the Alliance [~] At a later point I will update this thread if we require specific criteria. Regards, Arty
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    Do you have any idea how much the RTS feature would not only stress your device but also their server? They would have to completely revamp their game. Would be smarter to start that game from scratch rather then make this into that.
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    The "DROP" abilities are activated when you "DROP" them onto the map. So deploy them into a group of enemies and watch the big boom! (For extra damage, say "This is my BOOM STICK" when tapping the drop location)
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    Hey Keef, Any chance you can post a list of the top 20 players and their points? Much like we have for alliances? thanks!
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    The Robocide Hades update is here! - More Starmap levels added - can you get to the end?! - 14 additional PvP defense maps - Titan balancing - Lots of improvements under the hood
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    Hi Guys! All of these are valid points and we are actually working on it. Yesterday we pushed a new update (which will be available probably early next week) and it includes better scoring options for the 5th League. We are sure that this will improve the experience on higher level but still we know that we can improve it even more. We are thinking of making some more improvements on the high level part of the game and the PvP is our priority. I'll keep you posted!
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    I already quit so cant be arsed anymore. Once you max your favorite setup theres nothing more to do. Arena is shit because if you get a shit layout your just getting rolled for 4 days. what pisses me more off is that they instead of adding actual helpful things to they game they ninja'd this metal nerf in. Stillno way to communicate with your clan. Oh and warpzone is designed in such a way that the better your titans are the better the enemy is aswell. Stupid because at lvl 10 i got to 200 shards and at 24 im struggling to even get that far thus not gaining enough metal for expensive upgrades. Yet another game killed by its greedy developers.
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    Requires more metals... My life for iron. Your bots have engaged the enemy. You must construct additional Cargo Rockets. Juggernaut has arrived. Warmonger operational. Golem online. Valkyrie, prepared. You wanna piece of me, bot? If you get it then ok good job.
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    So here's my current brainstorm: 1) All your bases are belong to us 2) 0100010 (robot for 69. Giggle) 3) Try and turn the tide of battle, with robocide. 4) Let robots do the dirty work of war. 5) Control your vast robot army. Claim victory and conquer the galaxy.
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    Robocide’s update is here! We are working on more content, but in the meantime… - Warp Zone improvements - Bug fixes
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    Heya Shiloh! thats normal for warpzone! It does not matter if you lose all your lives, that way you gain your earned metal. After you lose your lives or give up(left of the start button) it takes 2-3 hours to reset and try again and all your titans will be revived. It is designed in a way that the more titans and higher their lvl the further you get into the warpzone thus gaining more metal! Your titans are still available in pvp and world battles but killed titans in warp stay dead untill out of lives or give up. Hope this clarifies things.
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    Lately I have been away (family business), but this week I have been mostly doing new maps and some balancing.
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    Hey Robocide team, Once again, great job on the game so far and i was wondering if it's possible to get a rough outline on your planned developments? There have been many great feedback and ideas on this forum, along with - i'm sure - priorities of your own. To get a rough time table of what you're working on and when it would be roughly delivered would be great! Plus it will help keep players clinging on for the next update!
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    Uh that's a cool idea! Gonna ask the guys what they think about this!
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    I think a great addition would be the ability to set general behaviors for the Titans. Maybe 3 main behaviors. Could be set individually or apply to all. Defender - stays by the home base and protects it. Balanced - will defend the base when it is threatened, but if it is not threatened then it will go after the enemy. Attacker - will go after the enemy all guns blazing. Maya
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    Hello again! Here some ideas that will have a positive impact on the game. 1. Alliance chat Yes, it has been said before and I will say it again. We want to communicate with our alliance. We want to thank them for buying hacks for everyone. We want to tell them they are doing an awesome job! 2. Global chat/Zone chat A global chat would enhance player socialisation and would also be a great way to look for new players for your alliance. As the current system only shows your alliance to new players or by search, not being in the top25 and actually finding experienced players can be tough. 3. Arena points as an alliance requirement It would make more sense to have an Arena point requirement in order to join than an actual level requirement. Since you want to actually get the highest amount of alliance points in total this would be a good addon next to the lvl requirement. 4. More customizable options for Alliance This includes changing Alliance logo, adding more ranks, setting the alliance open or closed etc. Maybe also a feature that shows Arena points gain by members over the last 2-3 days to easier spot inactives, or a last online seen status, or even on or offline status. If i come up with more ideas ill add them up to this list, or if you have an idea that needs to be on this list, please reply below so we can make a nice ordered post. Regards, Arthur
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    Are you guys planning on implementing some sort of clan war element? Something similar to the alliance vs alliance battles that Clash of Clans and other apps have. I think it's the last major update the game needs (aside from more bot and Titan levels and something other than metal for 30s to buy from the shop with all our crystals)
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    Fairly new player here, but with a lot of drive and devotion. Level 28 as of this post and already inches away from maxing out my Titans (bots have been maxed since day one) and I need a team! I'm looking to take this very seriously, as I want to take my team to the top and stay there as the game grows and develops.
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    After playing for some days i decided to give some positive feedback about the game. 1. Very good free-to-play model What this means is that the game does not force you at all to pay for ingame items with real currency. No annoying popups wanting to spend you crystals or buy new crystals once you run low on them. Also, ingame items that cost crystals are not pricy at all. 2. Generous trader The trader refreshes every 3 (or 4?) hours, giving you plenty of sweet deals and freebies. Lets say if you catch him 4 times a day; that will give you 4000 free metal and 20 subroutines. Aside from this he has always bleuprints of your missing titans with either an option to buy with metal or crystals. And he has a couple of upgrade materials. 3. Daily missions = free crystals Every couple of hours you get a daily mission task. These missions are not hard to complete and are a great way of getting crystals. 4. Good timers The time it takes to get new tickets for either normal missions or the arena are surprisingly fast. Once you got rid of all your tickets, come back in 30-60 minutes and your good to go again. This also includes the timers for the trader and warpzone. (which is a great source for alot of metal) Lastly I like to point out some minor positive things ive encountered; The alliance description can be as long as you like, with a nice "news" themed announcement effect. The way the alliance system works is heavily focussed on group play in order to lvl up the alliance and get the most out of the hack perks. I will update this maybe later with more feedback and will make a constructive idea thread for some nice suggestions to improve the game. Kind regards, Arthur
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    I have decided to start my own clan. I'm looking for the best. I'm looking for commitment. I'm looking for people who want to give Skynet a run for their money. Recruitment requirements are as follows: -Bots must be lvl 5 or higher -at least 3 Titans lvl 6 or higher -recruit must participate in at least 15 arena matches per DAY (yes, you gotta come back once every 3 hours) for at least 3 days per week. This requirement will change once our team has more specific goals than getting into the top 25. -recruit must add me on the Playraven forums and be able to reply same-day to messages to coordinate team goals (this will change once in-game messaging has been implemented) Reply to thread for recruitment details. I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.
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    Thanks for a list of guys that kicks my ass all the time!
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    I don't agree there. New titans would be unbalancing the game even more (at least at the beginning). I just don't get your point with experienced/unexperienced players. At the beginning you only get weak enemies anyway. The way it is now though, somebody might have a (dis)advantage, because of wrong skill point usage. Also reassigning wouldn't be an advantage, as you can always check how your enemies assigned their skill points exactly on their titans.
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    It will be nice if there is an account system that synchronises your game data to the server. Currently people are having issues like: being unable to recover game data after uninstalling (contacting the devs work however), being unable to play on multiple devices, etc. One problem people think about when account system is introduced is botting. But since there are currently no interactions between players other than the PvP, I don't see the reason to bot anything. Phones aren't even friendly to bot in the first place anyway. P.S. Please don't just make it social login and nothing else. That would 10/10 suck. Having it would be nice, but having only it would be nah.
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    Here is the complete list of Titan balancing: - Golem health reduced by 5% - Juggernaut health reduced by 7% - Valkyrie health increased by 20% and attack range by 17% - Warmonger attack range increased by 17% - Valkyrie/warmonger is no longer targeted so aggressively by other titans if there is a big Bot group to attack
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    Try maintaining your points yourself when you're one of the "top three" Did you know that there are multiple leagues with the same tier? There are way more players with 10k or more points than you see, and they all go for each other. Maintaining your points trying to stay in top 3 is not as easy as you think.
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    So it looks like they are in love with their Titan..I'm gonna have a look and let you know
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    Don't argue semantics with me Arty just trying to assist in reasonable suggestions to the problems
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    Be smart and enjoy the metal battles!
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    Suggestion is to include a few unique and high-level Titans that require PVP arena victory to get blueprints AND unique materials for upgrades. Each "Unique" titan requires 3 respective blueprints Each "Unique" titan requires special versions of the level 4-5-6 materials to upgrade in higher levels. The "Unique" versions of the 4-5-6 materials can only be obtained from PvP rewards Hydra ( Unique variant of the Juggernaught series ) 3500 base attack 25000 base defense Speed of 5 Skill 1: Teleport ( Teleports to another area but requires Titan to "Cooldown" and freeze itself for a few seconds after ) Skill 2: Severed ( When destroyed splits into 2 weaker Titans ) Skill 3: Fortified ( All nearby bots gain a slight boost to health ) The unique feature with this Titan is that when it is destroyed it splits into 2 titans ( only occurs once ) - you cannot use the split titan's skills manually 3000 base attack 5000 base defense Speed of 35 Skill 1: Taunt ( Agros at 2x range for a few seconds but can't attack while doing so ) Skill 2: Chemistry ( When destroyed creates an acid cloud that lasts a few seconds ) Psycho ( Unique variant of the Ripper series ) 2000 base attack ( AOE does reduced damage to nearby bots ) 8000 base defense Speed of 30 Skill 1: Robocidal ( Force yourself to self-destruct causing large damage ) Skill 2: Terrifying ( When dropped, enemy titans flee for a few seconds - doesn't effect bots ) Skill 3: Wicked ( All nearby bots gain a slight boost to speed ) The unique feature with this Titan is that the more it's hurt the more damage it does ( <25% = double damage ) and it's standard attack is an AOE Engineer ( Unique variant of the Valkyrie series ) 0 base attack ( No attack, instead transfers HP to another titan ) 25000 base defense Speed of 45 Skill 1: Robotomy ( AOE attack effects all bots, turns them into blocks ) Skill 2: Cloaking ( When dropped, ignored by all enemies for a few seconds ) Skill 3: Overclocked ( All nearby bots gain a slight health recovery rate ) The unique feature with this Titan is that it can heal your other Titan at the cost of it's own health
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    Totally worthless selling items now which makes auto-run also almost totally worthless. Will take way too long to earn money. Def deleting if it stays that way.
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    You can buy them in the crystal shop ingame. Instead of buying a bulk of crystal you buy a drill for X amount of days that give you crystals each day.
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    Hi there, To reset your progress you can delete the application restart your phone and download the app again.
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    Hi, You can turn turrets to your side by attacking them. Once you got their healthbar down the turret will attack other bots.
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    Hi Bot! Pretty sure it's a graphic bug Thanks for reporting it, we will make sure the Hunter will not climb anywhere else.
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    Hey :), This game got a huge potential. I'd love to see it if we could train different ground units like for example one with a flamethrower or one with an Assault rifle. These units would be trained in factories that we have to build every match again so we can develop our very own strategy. Money to train units would be collected by killing the enemy. Missile turrets for the defense would be great too. In the multiplayer there would be 30 seconds we can use to train units and build stuff and after that 30 seconds another 30 we could use to attack. I know this is another different from what the game is now, I just think it's a great concept
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    Status update: #34! Since you cant update the original post. Leave a reply if interested and ill open a spot.
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    Must be lvl 10 to join, must be active to stay. Lvl 3 alliance (we should be lvl 4 in 2 days). I buy hacks for the team as often as I'm able...my gems don't get spent at the Trader, they go to my team.
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    I think this and even the forums are only for a small percentage of the players out there. Most people find it too much of a hassle to go and create accounts to start posting actively on these kinds of things. So atleast alliance chat would be a great addition to communicate with those players. Regards
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    I have noticed that if I wipe out all enemy bases, the rockets suddenly count down and launch very fast. Even when there are enemy bots still on the field of battle, the rocket launch speeds up greatly. Would be nice if this speed stayed the same and did not speed up.
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    I think you mean your 2 regular titans. The +5 reinforcements counts as the bots coming out of your base. Please bear in mind that with each retry you use (increasing your reinforcements by +5 +10 +15 etc) your aquireable points decreases by 2(I.E. 20* per star to 18* per star to 16* per star). Hope this helps.
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    I must agree this is a great short term fix that provides a lot more flexability. i thought i'd also add my own two cents and state the obvious: you guys must realise how much potential your pvp arena has for expansion. Your defence system especially. can anyone say futuristic clash of clans?
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    Nice suggestion Katz! Let's see what we can do!
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    That actually worked, thanks for the tip!
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    Server hiccups happen when a game gets too popular too fast, so it's a good sign of growth right
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    Hey, I'm sure you've looked into this, but any chance we can message or chat? We have alliance notifications but it would be great to get feedback from the other member in-game such as which hacks they would like me to buy for the alliance. An inbox would be great too so I can send feedback to a user before kicking them to let them know why they wee kicked ( insufficient activity, not enough pvp, etc. )
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    Ascalon is all you need. Was wondering if you can change the alliance logo or if were stuck with this clover...