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    Hi Jeremy here. Pinoy tambay is currently looking for members. There is vacancy. The alliance is currently level 6 with abundance of hacks unlocked with said level. Pinoy tambay is currently at rank 420 ( kush). I'm currently at 30,000 points at level 28.
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    Rank 34 level 7
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    Rank 91 level 6
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    Currently at Rank 127 with 41,139 points
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    INCENTIVES: 1 free random hack every month. Come join now!!
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    dust here! Anyone is welcome to join though recommended age 21+ We only have a few members currently but we are a close nit group looking to grow We have a group chat set up on the LINE app, if you are interested in joining our guild feel free to join, and add my LINE ID: darvisi Fair Winds and happy butchering!
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    that jump from week 3 to week 21 tho