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  1. SP Reset

    I don't agree with the unbalancing either. Most successful games that have a RPG element, allow skill point redistribution and it doesn't unbalance the games. It actually does the opposite. PlayRaven is missing out on an opportunity. It should cost gems which means more profit.
  2. Shrapnel Drop

    Thanks for the response but I don't understand what you are saying. The question is why does a 5000 explosion (3 skill points) not destroy all bots with 4520 health within the explosion radius? Does the damage decrease the farther away the bot is from the drop point?
  3. Shrapnel Drop

    @rpr@KEEF Can one if you help with this question? Is Shrapnel Drop for Berserker working as intended?
  4. Shrapnel Drop

    How does Shrapnel Drop work? 3 points in the skill for a berserker says it does 5000 damage when dropped but it doesn't destroy all level 10 bots which have 4520 health. Most nearby bots just get scattered. Is there a small radius that get the full 5000 and a larger radius that get pushed back?
  5. Buffed Converter Titans

    I like the new and improved valk and warmonger. Before the update the warmonger was not used for attacking in arena and the valk was only really usable on poorly designed maps or bases with low level bots/titans. Against bases with max bots/titans, attacking with golem/jugg was what was used almost every time. It was boring. Now they both are viable options against the right map. If they get nerfed, they go back to being minimally used for attacking in arena. On defense, they are tougher to deal with but definitely not OP. I'd rather see the devs buff other titans like the butcher or create a new titan.
  6. Top 3 Alliances (week 3)

    Looks like it's time for a new top 3 update
  7. Regenerate Skill

    The regenerate skill says it repairs 1% of damage per second with a limit of 30% (before investing any skill points). To be clear... 1) Does this mean 1% of damage taken up to that point? So if the titan started with 30000 but had taken 10000, it would get 100 health per second? And that amount would change as the Titan takes more damage and heals? 2) Does a limit of 30% mean 30% of total starting hit points (base hit points + upgraded hit points)?
  8. Looking for an Alliance

    Come join us Muzzy. Armored Core is surging. Find me (Lexxx21) or our commander (rickyny) on the Line app and come chat about Robocide with us.
  9. Titan Balancing

    Newest update has titan balancing. @KEEF can you let us know what changed for each titan?
  10. Armored Core Recruiting

    #3 and charging. Join now and help us take #1. Add rickyny on the Line app to join us and meet other players, talk strategy and share tips. If your active we'll find room for you.
  11. Arena Season Rewards

    Yes, you certainly did enough. Your OPINION is clear. This is a game. We are not trying a case in front of a jury. Our OPINIONS have been stated. I'm eager to see the changes KEEF mentioned. Apparently the devs realized the top league's structure wasn't ideal too.
  12. Arena Season Rewards

    It's really quite simple zero. There isn't a need to argue about "valid evidence". Either you believe that rewards in the top league should be based on current season success or you believe that inception to date points should decide the winners. Your opinion and my opinion are clear. Let's see what others have to say.
  13. Arena Season Rewards

    Can we move past it he 7000? You didn't do it in a season like you initially stated and i don't think it is realistic. You think it is doable. Done. The topic of this thread is the rewards in the top league. I think it would be better if rewards were based on seasonal success. You think the rewards should be based on inception to date points. Let's see what the rest of the community thinks.
  14. Arena Season Rewards

    A 4000 jump in one season would be challenging but possible. It's 7000 that is unrealistic. What zero forgot in his scenario is that you lose points on defense in a season and that you don't get 20 point options every time you attack. You can keep skipping but that costs metal and time. The point of this thread isn't the 7000 though. Cupid, you are 6000+ points behind the 11000 point players (10000 behind the 15000 players). You have an extremely small chance at getting top rewards in upcoming seasons even if you spend money and get the 4000 points you say you can get. Do you think that it is good for the game? Maybe you do. Or would it make for a better game if all players in the top league started the season evenly and current season success determined rewards? And keep in mind that future players will have an even larger deficit to overcome if no changes are made to the structure of the top league.
  15. Arena Season Rewards

    Congrats on coming up with that unrealistic scenario but the question is if YOU gained 7000 in a season like you stated. You didn't answer my question about how many seasons YOU have participated in. At minimum, you have done 6 seasons (1 per league and at least one more since this last season wasn't your first in the max league). From your picture you have about 11500. Are you saying that YOU got 7000 in one season and an average of less than 1000 in the others you've played? I'm guessing you've actually done at least 10 seasons which means you have one 7000 season and you averaged 500 in your other seasons. You're sticking with that story? I won't respond to you anymore unless you'd like to discuss the point of this thread... In my opinion, season awards should be rewarded based on seasonal points not inception to date points which too heavily favors when someone downloaded the game instead of their skill and current activity level.