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  1. Arena Season Rewards

    Thanks "guest" i know there are multiple tiers, so.....? You don't have to maintain points with anyone not in your tier so don't see how that comment it relevant. Also I have maintained the top three with just minor attacks on 20 point players just to stay there, as I said in my post you quoted.
  2. A "Recycle all item" option in Inventory

    The new pricing system is COMPLETELY retarded and unbalanced. I can make 1000 metal in 40 seconds by watching two ads and it would be a complete waste of time spending five minutes pressing the screen to sell a few hundred useless items for 5 metal each (which are then offered for over 200 by the trader at the same time) for two thousand metal. get your act together, it's not encouraging anyone to spend real cash on your game. its just stupid
  3. Arena Season Rewards

    Totally agree. I spent the last three seasons in the second last league near the top of the list and only had to do maintenance attacking to stay a few points above the 4th ranked player. now I'm in the top league the top three players are over 10k points and can stay at the top without having to do much. I have a full time job and a family and still manage to play quite often (sorry family) but have no hope of tripling my score for st least 4 seasons to catch up. By that time everyone else will also improve their score drastically. its a good idea to make it more fair.
  4. Browsing the leaderboard

    Thanks mate I was lucky enough to find a free spot in the number 2 alliance but it would be good for everyone if we could browse further than the top 25 especially for seasoned players who want to move to a better alliance rather than one ranked 1643 like you get promoted to join.
  5. Browsing the leaderboard

    Is there any way to browse further than the top 25 teams in the leaderboard? i accidentally quit an alliance (in the top25) and lost my place so now just want to join the highest ranking alliance with a free spot.