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  1. Warp Zone 500 Shards Achievement

    Oh really. It's already hard enough to 3-star them and from level 11 on you get the newer maps. You have to beat lvl 18 to get to 500, seems quite impossible to me.. but have to give it a try thanks
  2. Player Rankings

    Indeed, would be nice to see what's up there beside Mark, Poke, Marta and Divide
  3. Warp Zone 500 Shards Achievement

    I know it was possible to do it, before the last update with those new maps. But now, has a developer actually done it? (I know it's possible to 3 star all star maps)
  4. .

    Totally agreeing there. ALL maps with 1 titan are too easy to 3-star. Either give those bases / starting swarm size a big buff, make them 2 titan maps or just allow the attacker 1 titan when only facing 1 titan on defence.
  5. SP Reset

    I don't agree there. New titans would be unbalancing the game even more (at least at the beginning). I just don't get your point with experienced/unexperienced players. At the beginning you only get weak enemies anyway. The way it is now though, somebody might have a (dis)advantage, because of wrong skill point usage. Also reassigning wouldn't be an advantage, as you can always check how your enemies assigned their skill points exactly on their titans.
  6. Shrapnel Drop

    But is the damage spread on all enemies in target location or do you "lose" damage if you drop it and not everything is filled with bots?
  7. Recent update and metal problems again

    I love this idea of a continuos wave defence!
  8. Titan Balancing

    Indeed, I was talking about using them on attacks. Most of the time, the start of good until at some point, they simply rush towards the enemy titan doing nothing. On defence, they're a pain in the --- , lately
  9. The 'perfect' defence

    alright, I'll have an eye out then
  10. The 'perfect' defence

    I'd love to test that defence
  11. The 'perfect' defence

    what map are we talking about here? Not asking for your setup (which you wouldn't share anyway)