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  1. Are you on iOS? can you uninstall, reinstall, turn off game center in settings, and start up?
  2. feedback

    I noticed that when an enemy juggernaught goes into overdrive my warmonger flies right to him and keeps ramming it in the face until the warmonger dies. This happened 3 times in a row on 2 different maps.
  3. ideas

    I agree that this should be in, and it does not cause unbalance, people who find out optimal builds will build them, and everyone else is at a disadvantage. People can start over and build optimal builds, and everyone else is at a disadvantage. SP reset allows people to re-balance their current game if they aren't hardcore enough to start over, this allows them to keep up the balance.
  4. how well you do in the run, if you kill each rocket, you get a star, and 3rd star for winning. or just 1 star for winning, if you miss the rockets.
  5. You have to get all 3 stars once? or every time? ie I have 3 stars but I slack, and I only win this round with 2 stars, do I still get 10% chance?
  6. I am a newb, and I found this extremely helpful, confirms some suspicions I had, and also helps me plan better. I wish I hadn't wasted on the ripper but he was my 1st titan so I needed to do something with him to grind out the rest.
  7. Golem / Ripper was my first low level combo, and obviously Butcher replaced Ripper, Now I really like the Butcher / Hunter combo for fast clearing, and I am going to try to go back to Golem, his EMP was so nice. Butcher with his shield, I drop him, and he holds off and clears the whole 1st wave, while I side step my bots, and drop the hunter behind the enemy to stop core draggers or enemy titan. Currently: Golem lvl 3, Hunter level 6, butcher level 7, bots lvl 6