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  1. Pvp ranking

    Hello again, i think pvp ranking needs a little adjustment. It seems some players are able to participate in pvp seasons either: -without providing a defense -In a mysterious way that prevents them from being challenged please look at actual ranking (Photo attached): i played litterally dozens of time vs Seb, Koen And Goldwing (rank 3-10) but never ever against #1 or #2. I suggest that if a player doest log to "set a defense" (And actually click save on defense) in a specific season, then that player will not appear in this season's ranking. Chakan
  2. 1 photos, 3 questions

  3. 1 photo, 2 questions

    Hi again, this time, relates to player status/level. what are the star and steipes around my level, also, is it relates to levels? Some player, seems to have a lower level, and more stars.
  4. 1 photos, 3 questions

    Hi, sorry to post here, support seems locked to new post. please see picture and could you give a definition of A,B and C? A: Whats this number next to red dot (And what is red dot) B: Why sometime i can attack back, then sometime I can't. C: Also, If I see defeat or perfect defense, does that means that i succeeded (Or failed) several time or just once?
  5. Spaghetti Western recruiting!

    Hello, I just cleared some inactive players, there is 3 new spot available! Everyone is welcome (Just play once in while ?) Chakan
  6. Pvp ranking and points

    Hello, i tried around 100 pvp match, got around 50% higher ranked players! Thanks guys
  7. Pvp ranking and points

    Fine with me
  8. Pvp ranking and points

  9. Pvp ranking and points

    Hello, I am now in the upper tier of the pvp match. It was fun to climb to the top! However, with my relatively low 4600 points, i am unthinkably far away from the first places and 90% of the time now, my pvp opponent gives 2points/Stars (When winning). Would it be possible to gives priority to better ennemy player when using the random feature in pvp? (Like 50% of the time, you get a higher ranked player, so at least, uppon winning, we can have more points (Also more challenge). thanks in advance
  10. Feedback

    This game is incredible. It is very fast and exactly how a strategy game should be on ipad! Dev., continue the great work! players, please post on app store a review, this game needs more feedback to gather attention. i will post more after i played a few more weeks. Chakan