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  1. 3 spots are available! Contact me on line app rickyny
  2. Download the line app! look up my ID which is rickny, then I'll add you too the alliance...
  3. everything seem to be fine now, thanks.
  4. this is why you texted me lol get a life bro
  5. What's level are you and what's your Battle points looking like? If you qualify you can join my alliance..
  6. It's Random..
  7. Armored Core still recruiting! We are currently Rank fourth-place on the leaderboard! Coming for skynet... We are Looking for active members, if you're interested plz hit me up. Thanks.
  8. I believe it's a server issue. Don't uninstall the game just message support and wait until there's a fix.
  9. Why I can't log in? Stuck on connection to server!
  10. recruiting

    Room is available.
  11. recruiting

    Spots available come join
  12. recruiting

    Come join its open
  13. recruiting

    We have room come on over