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  1. Selecting Titan skills

    "Drop" skill also applies when you set a Titan to ambush on your defensive map. So setting a golem nor Valkyrie to ambush means when an enemy not draws near it deploys and uses EMP
  2. COMPETITION TIME! Robocide Swag Giveaway!

    Somebody set up us the bomb!
  3. Economy Balancing

    Don't argue semantics with me Arty just trying to assist in reasonable suggestions to the problems
  4. When you are in an alliance you can purchase boosts called "hacks" that can assist on various ways. One of these "hacks" is called Assembly Line ( higher level improves buff ) This only applies when you attack, not defend so long as you have remaining uses of that "hack" available. Also alliance members can purchase these for other members within the alliance too
  5. Economy Balancing

    Suggestion to help with balancing both ends of the economy. Right now a lot of users are frustrated due to change in metal price on resells. My suggestion is to meet in the middle, parts are worth 20x level x tier. So level 1 tier 1 item is 20 metal Level 5 tier 2 item is 200. Then add a money sink to balance economy like a "slot machine" or gachapon that costs "x" metals to spin for a chance at materials, hacks, metals, crystals, or even blueprints. ( might be opportunity to add a gem slot too ) A lot of users dislike slots because it caters more to "pay to win" but this attracts whales who pay for the game for free players to have more content
  6. "Endgame" Titans

    Suggestion is to include a few unique and high-level Titans that require PVP arena victory to get blueprints AND unique materials for upgrades. Each "Unique" titan requires 3 respective blueprints Each "Unique" titan requires special versions of the level 4-5-6 materials to upgrade in higher levels. The "Unique" versions of the 4-5-6 materials can only be obtained from PvP rewards Hydra ( Unique variant of the Juggernaught series ) 3500 base attack 25000 base defense Speed of 5 Skill 1: Teleport ( Teleports to another area but requires Titan to "Cooldown" and freeze itself for a few seconds after ) Skill 2: Severed ( When destroyed splits into 2 weaker Titans ) Skill 3: Fortified ( All nearby bots gain a slight boost to health ) The unique feature with this Titan is that when it is destroyed it splits into 2 titans ( only occurs once ) - you cannot use the split titan's skills manually 3000 base attack 5000 base defense Speed of 35 Skill 1: Taunt ( Agros at 2x range for a few seconds but can't attack while doing so ) Skill 2: Chemistry ( When destroyed creates an acid cloud that lasts a few seconds ) Psycho ( Unique variant of the Ripper series ) 2000 base attack ( AOE does reduced damage to nearby bots ) 8000 base defense Speed of 30 Skill 1: Robocidal ( Force yourself to self-destruct causing large damage ) Skill 2: Terrifying ( When dropped, enemy titans flee for a few seconds - doesn't effect bots ) Skill 3: Wicked ( All nearby bots gain a slight boost to speed ) The unique feature with this Titan is that the more it's hurt the more damage it does ( <25% = double damage ) and it's standard attack is an AOE Engineer ( Unique variant of the Valkyrie series ) 0 base attack ( No attack, instead transfers HP to another titan ) 25000 base defense Speed of 45 Skill 1: Robotomy ( AOE attack effects all bots, turns them into blocks ) Skill 2: Cloaking ( When dropped, ignored by all enemies for a few seconds ) Skill 3: Overclocked ( All nearby bots gain a slight health recovery rate ) The unique feature with this Titan is that it can heal your other Titan at the cost of it's own health
  7. It appears as though the Hunter Titan can climb turrets, is this intentional? If so what other buildings can it climb? If this is a bug, this would actually be a nifty Hack - allow bots and Titans to climb over friendly buildings or terrain
  8. Top 3 Alliances (week 3)

    I've had a few awesome PvPers come and move on to the top 10 from mine, I got no ill will to anyone trying to move up. We were at top 25 for about a week, but now we hover around top 100-300 due to being 20/25
  9. Titan 2nd attack

    That was my strategy in the 1,000-2,000 points ( first 2 cups ) I found a new defense tactic now, all good
  10. What's next in the pipeline?

    RPR used to put a few updates up on This thread but the last post was mid January. Something like a continuation of that would be nice
  11. Help with Planet 28, Fort Vesper

    There are a few ways to do it - I just tried Maya's way and confirm it works ( But you might not have a hunter ) Because I don't know what Titans you have I put an image below showing the strategy with just using a Golem and Ripper. First I hooked left to catch the spawn, then right to catch the other spawn. I put the ripper to the left to agro the bots at the top spawn while breaking the right barrier. I then use the golem to freeze wave 2 of the top spawn while taking care of the rocket on the right, then I move my bots hugging the top of the map around the spawner to catch the rocket on the left. It's a bit tricky but remember that only 1 bot has to be attacking a rocket to keep the countdown from going away, with this method you will "trickle" a few bots above the spawner ( because some will attach the spawner ) while at least a few bots are touching the other rocket. This way the countdown won't go down while your bots kill the top spawner before the majority of them move to the rocket on the left.
  12. Titan 2nd attack

    No not in same place I meant use two "mines". Golem for first mine, freezes their forces so enemy will flank a different direction so put ripper there. Example is if you have a big spawner put it close to their spawn then drop an ambush golem between you and the base. Enemy has to put bots up to defend initial wave so golem freezes. Enemy then will try to flank left or right ( depending on placement ) so put the ripper where they have to go, this way you set them back 2 waves. I tried to be a little vague intentionally
  13. Titan 2nd attack

    Also the second ability activates if you set a defense Titan to ambush. So if you ambush a golem close to the enemy and they get in proximity it will freeze their forces, pair this with an ambushing ripper and you have a painful mine
  14. Juggernaut Block Rain: kills or moves?

    Thanks for the clarification RPR