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  1. What's next in the pipeline?

    Or not even a time-table, just a statement of "this is where we want the game to be when we're all done adding new things and are simply updating for higher levels, higher difficulty, refined strategy, etc". Like, "we want to be like clash of clans but with robots" for example, though I doubt that's the direction you want to head.
  2. Titan 2nd attack

    Oh I gotcha, the good ol' "don't reveal your super secret strategy to new players" game. Sorry
  3. Titan 2nd attack

    Don't do this. It sounds flashy and awesome but if you set your ripper to drop on top of already frozen bots you're wasting a trigger you could place somewhere else.
  4. Titan 2nd attack

    The "DROP" abilities are activated when you "DROP" them onto the map. So deploy them into a group of enemies and watch the big boom! (For extra damage, say "This is my BOOM STICK" when tapping the drop location)
  5. Titan Tier List - Great for Newbies

    Constructive, got it. How about point by point? "Honestly for the cost and effort to get this guy, not totally worth it in my eyes. " --That's fair, but we're not here to argue opinions. "It's Regen is obsolete because it runs away from damage." --So the fact it actually has 150% health is worthless? C'mon man, you'd die for a Golem with that. More on how this isn't useless later. "And if it does get caught out it dies in an instant. " --Not true. While most of the time it will die rather quickly when completely surrounded (why the hell are you deploying it in the middle of their troops?), if you use it as a stop-gap between, say, your base and an enemy wave, or your bots and theirs, it only has to live through 3-5 bot attacks, which its regeneration helps with, along with the fact that, as far as I know, it prioritizes converting units which are an immediate threat. This creates a buffer zone, thus protecting it. This works because the current programming of the bots prioritizes attacking enemy units before buildings. "It's shield is also pretty useless for the same reason. " --On top of the fact that it can be used as a buffer as mentioned above, it can also be a very large and long-lasting decoy if needed. I have used the Warmonger several times to distract a fresh wave (usually just the small ones) until my bots get done on a rocket or whatever and can come deal with the wave (see above about priority of attacks). The shield gives you, what, 9 seconds? plus the aforementioned 150% health, combined with the above sited "buffer zone" of converted bots, all comes together to make a very nice road block, or perhaps just a much-needed speed bump. "It only has a single attack against bots" --I'm confused why you think the Valkyrie's attack makes it worth it but the Warmonger's doesn't. Or are you only taking into account the Valkyrie's EMP drop effect when considering their efficacy? (I would ask if you thought the Valkyrie was better because of its reanimate effect, but you NEVER mentioned it in your Tier system, which is mind boggling because it's current reanimate levels are pants-on-head retarded and should probably be nerfed) You might be reminded that, sometimes, this game, and others like it, are all about hyper-micro strategies. There have been times where 2 bots made the difference. And when everyone's bots are maxed, you need every edge you can get. Conversion and buffs are the only way to accomplish this currently, and the Warmonger has both. So lets talk about the buff now, since you don't need to be convinced of the Valkyrie's efficacy when it comes to conversion. "and it's Rage only makes an impact on very long term maps where you can't dodge" --Let's ignore this flippant dismissal and actually list all the benefits of the Rage ability: -> In a world where everyone is lvl30, you need a way to make your bots artificially better, or their bots artificially worse. Rage does this by boosting your bots speed and damage (and maybe damage resistance? don't quote me on that) -> As for "making your opponents bots worse", most people go with the EMP option, and rightly so. an 8+ second stun can make the difference in a very close fight. But what if your opponent is relying on that? What if they "dodge" your wave and EMP with a Golem or Valkyrie drop? They have one titan between their base and maybe 15-25 of your bots. So just Rage them out of it. They're going to have about 5-10 seconds before their next wave comes, and even just 5-8 bots can take down even a hacked base in that time. ->What if you're on a crunch? What if you KNOW you need to get your "dodge wave" back to the main fight before bad things happen, but you still want that sweet 3-star victory? How about rage them for speed and damage boosts so they take those rockets down faster and get back before the next spawn wave, or before your opponents bots have a chance to deliver those little blue pixels of live-giving joy? Sounds good to me, and I have actually done this several times. It works, trust me. -> Finally, we come to the one point you DID manage to list, which is the grinder map. Sometimes, you're only getting one or two stars. But hey, 20 ladder points is better than a wasted attack, right? So you need to just keep pushing stubbornly until you finally tip the tides in your favor and can push back. Get your Rage on. I hope this has been educational for you and anyone else reading. Don't make the mistake most new players make and think it's about "all damage all the time". Sometimes RTS and the like require finesse, sometimes they require a less-direct approach. It's not always about kicking in the front door with two slashers with their (albeit impressive) drop damage and line nukes.
  6. Titan Tier List - Great for Newbies

    I second this request, I would like to take down a couple posts I have made which are no longer relevant, but can't seem to find any tabs or tools to do so. How do we edit/delete posts?
  7. Slow down the rockets

    I think it's pretty fair, considering they STOP counting down completely if even one bot touches them.
  8. Share your alliance!

    Hey Skynet. Lvl 30 here, about to be Top Tier in Solo Ladder. Wanna maybe kick an inactive member for me? Apparently all the 15+ members in this game already have an Alliance and mine is going nowhere. I'd like to be on a top 25 team.
  9. Titan Tier List - Great for Newbies

    You severely underestimate the power of Warmonger. You know that "Tier One" strat of EMP the big wave of dudes? Yeah, sorry, I just raged them all unfrozen. Bye-bye base.
  10. Titan Appreciation thread

    Typically all you need is Golem/X. But for the more pesky defense combos (like when they have a drop-in Golem), I prefer Valkyrie/Warmonger. Canceling EMP is one of the best feelings. Now if only there was a debuff to get rid of those damn decoy bombs...
  11. Are you guys planning on implementing some sort of clan war element? Something similar to the alliance vs alliance battles that Clash of Clans and other apps have. I think it's the last major update the game needs (aside from more bot and Titan levels and something other than metal for 30s to buy from the shop with all our crystals)
  12. Recruit me!

    Or you could come join the Krusaiderz and bring some of your talent with you We've got KEEF, so that's a plus
  13. Is there a "Shield"?

    I have a semi-related question. What determines how many points you get from attacking someone? I just lost 20 points to an attacker, but my revenge was only worth 3 points per star. Doesn't seem fair.
  14. New Rekruitz Wanted!

    Katz Krusaderz is looking for rekruitz of level 18 or higher. I'm looking to put us in the top 25. The demands of your performance are high, but you will be well-supplied with hacks. I'm looking for the best. I'm looking for commitment. I'm looking for people who want to give Skynet a run for their money. Recruitment requirements are as follows: -Bots must be lvl 8 or higher (I would prefer they are maxed) -at least 5 Titans lvl 7 or higher -recruit must participate in at least 15 arena matches per DAY (yes, you gotta come back once every 3 hours) for at least 3 days per week. This requirement will change once our team has more specific goals than getting into the top 25. -recruit must add me on the Playraven forums and be able to reply same-day to messages to coordinate team goals (this will change once in-game messaging has been implemented) Reply to thread for recruitment details. I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.
  15. Lost Progress

    Affirmative. Lost several level 10 upgrades last night. But we're back to 30 today so all is well.