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  1. COMPETITION TIME! Robocide Swag Giveaway!

    "Robocide, the game that has an "economy" but actually doesnt have an economy so we made the game worse" 10/10 would write again
  2. Ascalon looking for devoted members!

    I reinstalled the game to make you commander, but of ofcourse there is no save file of your account so everything is lost and i wont be able to get back on my old account. GG playraven well done.
  3. Ascalon looking for devoted members!

    I stopped playing. Ill make you commander so you can continue to lead.
  4. Economy Balancing

    I already quit so cant be arsed anymore. Once you max your favorite setup theres nothing more to do. Arena is shit because if you get a shit layout your just getting rolled for 4 days. what pisses me more off is that they instead of adding actual helpful things to they game they ninja'd this metal nerf in. Stillno way to communicate with your clan. Oh and warpzone is designed in such a way that the better your titans are the better the enemy is aswell. Stupid because at lvl 10 i got to 200 shards and at 24 im struggling to even get that far thus not gaining enough metal for expensive upgrades. Yet another game killed by its greedy developers.
  5. Economy Balancing

    People are talking like there is actually an economy in the game. There is no way to trade or Exchange goods therefore there is no economy.
  6. Ascalon looking for devoted members!

    Update: After some weeks of hard work we secured an awesome spot in the top rankings, currently sitting at #11 and rising with points every hour. 20/25 are now actively playing and gaining us lots of xp and hacks. If interested leave a message below with your arena points.
  7. How many Crystal Drills will produce same time

    You can buy them in the crystal shop ingame. Instead of buying a bulk of crystal you buy a drill for X amount of days that give you crystals each day.
  8. ca98

    What are you bumping for? There is litterly no information whatsoever about who you are, what alliance you're talking about or what you are looking for.
  9. Dead zone towers

    Hi, You can turn turrets to your side by attacking them. Once you got their healthbar down the turret will attack other bots.
  10. Ascalon looking for devoted members!

    We are now in the top 25! #24 to be precise. If interested let me know in a reply or find us ingame with the name of Ascalon.
  11. How do I get my dead Titan Back from Warp Zone?

    Heya Shiloh! thats normal for warpzone! It does not matter if you lose all your lives, that way you gain your earned metal. After you lose your lives or give up(left of the start button) it takes 2-3 hours to reset and try again and all your titans will be revived. It is designed in a way that the more titans and higher their lvl the further you get into the warpzone thus gaining more metal! Your titans are still available in pvp and world battles but killed titans in warp stay dead untill out of lives or give up. Hope this clarifies things.
  12. Top 3 Alliances (week 3)

    Ascalon currently #26 ? For some reason every "new" player the game finds for your alliance seems to stop playing as soon as they join..
  13. Ascalon looking for devoted members!

    Status update: #34! Since you cant update the original post. Leave a reply if interested and ill open a spot.
  14. Real Time Online Strategy

    Do you have any idea how much the RTS feature would not only stress your device but also their server? They would have to completely revamp their game. Would be smarter to start that game from scratch rather then make this into that.
  15. Robocide available on Android!!!

    Very good to hear this! Many Android users already asked me which game i was playing all day long lol.