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  1. Balance Titans

    Both, I have seen the Juggernaut use it's block rain on my base, and also seen the hunter use it's basic laser.
  2. Balance Titans

    That is not what I have seen, I have had them directly attack my base when there are no bots near by.
  3. Update problems

    Well I'm out. Just deleted the game. Way to slow and unbalanced to be fun any more. And too many bugs as well, I'm tired of having my base blow-up when it still has 50% shield strength, tired of having the cargo rockets take off before there timer runs out, and tired of having two 2 level 5 Titans completely trash two level 9 Titans within seconds. This could have been a great game, now it's just another has been. Goodbye Botbeasts. Maya
  4. Not sure if this is intentional or not but it is not advertised on this hack. I know it gives +20% to attack outside of the marked circle but it certainly gives at least -20% attack when within the marked circle. I have tried it on maps I have beaten many, many times and if I use the hack and then I leave my bots right around the base, they get absolutely clobbered, I then go and do the same map again without the hack, leave my bots by around the base and they do just fine. Is this on purpose or a bug? Maya
  5. Base Blowing Up

    I have noticed since the update that about 30% of the time my base blows up before it's shield reaches 0. It will be at about 25% to 40% shield strength and then just blows up.
  6. COMPETITION TIME! Robocide Swag Giveaway!

  7. COMPETITION TIME! Robocide Swag Giveaway!

    My Bots can beat up your Bots!
  8. Balance Titans

    Please balance the behaviors of the player and the enemy Titans. When the enemy Titans get close to my base they attack it, but when my Titans get close to the enemy base they just stand there and do nothing. Yes, they do attack bots, but the enemy Titans attack Bots and Bases, my Titans attack only Bots. Also why do my Titans take so much damage when I drop them into the fight? Both the Berserker and the Ripper take between 1/3 and 1/2 damage when I drop them into the battle. My level 9 Ripper has a Thunder Slam of 6000 points, which is great, but that also costs it a lot of damage automatically, again this does not seem to happen to Enemy Titans. Maya
  9. Economy Balancing

    I agree totally with Bot, let's find a middle ground, not too much metal but enough to keep people playing. The way it is now it is like many games I used to play, fun for awhile, but then progress is so slow it's not worth playing. I do not want to play for a week or two just to get one upgrade. That is why I quit playing Astronest. Great game, but after awhile, I was waiting a week or more just to do one upgrade. Not worth the time. Please Playraven, listen to the people who are playing your game. Maya
  10. Recent update and item sell prices

    I cannot see how this change will "help the game in the long run". What is does is make it a very slow process to upgrade your Titans and Bots. This leads to the game itself slowing down, and becoming a lot less fun to play. The only way to make a decent amount of metal now is to use the warp zone, again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Since the Warp Zone is the same levels again and again and again, it comes down to this. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this change is reversed, if not quite frankly I will not be playing much longer. I play these games to have fun, I do not play them to grind out the same levels 50 or so times so I can upgrade one component on my Titan. Maya
  11. Update 1.15.5

    Update looks good so far, switching between screens is faster, have not found any glitches yet. But boy, you guys really cheaped out on the inventory trading, I used to get between 100 and 250 pieces of metal when trading inventory for metal, now I get 5 pieces. That is really, really gonna slow down game play as I will not be able to afford to make the parts I need to update my Bots and Titans. Honestly, I am likely to play less because of this. It's just not as fun when you know you will only be able to upgrade one piece for one Titan every few days at most. Maya
  12. How many Crystal Drills will produce same time

    Thanks Arty, I guess I learned something today. Maya
  13. How many Crystal Drills will produce same time

    What the heck is a crystal drill??? I have never heard or seen such a thing in this game. Maya
  14. Lots of Problems Tonight

    Hey Shiloh; I have had the same thing happen, where I complete goals for the daily missions, but they do not show up, and I think it was the same thing deploy, Titan XYZ a certain number of times for Gems, I complete the goals but they do not show up in the count towards the Gems. Hopefully the upcoming update will fix some or all of these issues. Maya
  15. Lots of Problems Tonight

    Great, looking forward to the update. The exploding bases issue just happened again a few minutes ago. Went PVP, my base was about 3/4 safe, then just exploded, I wanted to make sure it wasn't my eyes playing tricks, so I retried the same player, and this time watched my base, not my Bots or Titans and it happened again. My base was at 3/4 safe, one enemy Bot got through the defences and then boom, the base exploded. Maya