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  1. The 'perfect' defence

    If you're in the top league you should be able to
  2. The 'perfect' defence

    I'm trying to make the Titans breed to give me a super Titan. Either that or they make some horrible abomination due to the hunters "cannon" being too long for the Juggernaut.
  3. The 'perfect' defence

    Just another day owning pvp Watching the videos, it's another case of the juggernaut and hunter push through the front line before you can even get the first titan out. By then the bots are eating at your base.
  4. Arena Season Rewards

    Sorry baracus, but i have to vouch for zero here. I'm at 5000 points and i haven't really tried. I'm sure if i spent my gems and metal on more energy instead of titans and skipping to the higher point fights i'd at least be around the 9000 area.
  5. ...

    The titans are having a bit of romance zero. You can stop true love! Haha
  6. The 'perfect' defence

    While i agree, i do need more points under my belt, i'm not sure i can get any "higher level". I'm in your and poke's league! The reason these defences work so well is because it doesnt really matter if you manage to wiggle out or even start attacking the titans. The combination of beserker, hunter or juggernaut usually means the first wave gets withered down by time you can place your second titan; allowing the enemy titans to use their abilities on the base, or the enemy bots have free reign. My main method of beating my own perfect defences is when i use base shielding II and freeze the wave with golem/valkyrie. Even then, that results in a 2 star depending on the map. Now overall, i will agree with you. These "perfect defences" are beatable. Point being however, they're way "overpowered" compared to other maps.
  7. Balance Titans

    While i think of it, coding the valkyrie and warmonger to move away when hit by another titan would make them more visble, especially for pvp defence. Currently all you need to do i plonk a golem, hunter, juggernaut or any of the slashers class to take them out in a sinch due to the warmonger and valkyries low hp
  8. Selecting Titan skills

    Sorry, my error there mate. I meant to say using valkyrie* as an example
  9. Balance Titans

    I think overall, the titans need a review and balancing. higher level pvp sees an extremely high usage of juggernaut, hunter and beserker for defence. Especially at close quarters where they can wreck your first wave of bots and leave you trapped. As I demonstrate in my perfect defence posts. That, or more titans to be added to change up the meta. however, being the game is still so new, i think it's reasonable to wait until the next season to see major changes.
  10. Selecting Titan skills

    Some of the Titan abilities are activated when you deploy the titan on map. Using the Warmonger as an example: The emp bomb: "when dropped, freezes enemies for x seconds" then once the valkyrie is deployed, you can use re-animate repeatedly during the fight. Extended range is a passive ability that permanently increases the valkyries attack range. some titans have an effect when dropped, some when they die. when you go into the skills menu, select the skill picture for further details hope this helps!
  11. The best alliance hacks?

    I'd like to open a debate on what we think the best alliance hacks are. my current thoughts: 1) Base Shielding II 2) Titan Slayer II 3) Corrosion Protection II
  12. The 'perfect' defence

    Found another 'perfect' defence! There seems to be a few common occurances here though don't you think?
  13. Stuck on connecting to server

    I'm able to connect and play fine mate. i assume you've done the old phone and wifi reset?
  14. The 'perfect' defence

    Robocide Commanders, Looks like i've bumped into another "perfect" defence!:
  15. Robocide team, As many of us will experience towards later levels, we start to accumalate a lot of lower level items such as chip I, armor I, Battery II and frequency II etc... To the point i have almost 100 chip I. (I'm sure there are those with even more!) Unfortunately after a recent update you reduced the value of our spare parts in our inventory so now i have even less motivation to sell them. Secondly, it might be worth looking at the individual value of each item, since i certainly seem to obtain more of one than the others. (It's no coincidence that i named the four above....) Unless that is you help our very lazy behaviours by installing a simple "recycle all" option. rather than me having to press Recycle and confirm recycle each time, equaling 200 presses. Assuming it takes around 0.75 seconds to press two buttons. It will take me 1 min 30 seconds to get rid of 100 Weapon I. There are 5 types of items. For our argument, we will include I and II since these are the most common to obtain. That's 10 types of items to sell. Which totals us at 12.5 minutes of recycling our items. Which would you rather me be doing? Spending 12 minutes recycling my items for penance amount of metal. Or kicking ass on pvp and trying to top my rank of 5000? Kind Regards, A Cupid Stunt.