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  1. recruiting

    Join us on the app LINE. Search for Fnbroken
  2. Things must be getting tough...
  3. We at 200 yet?
  4. Come on Zero - there is still 12 hours and 4 minutes to go
  5. Golum + valk + extra damage to bases hack
  6. Thanks @KEEF our secret? There isn't one really, but we do talk and help new guys out if they join our chat. Search for me in LINE: Fnbroken we also promote competition within the alliance, remove inactive players, buy more hacks than you can possibly use if you take a break and want to return we will always make space for you... secrets out - game on... Lol
  7. @KEEF new list?
  8. recruiting

    Following a few retirements, we have a couple openings for active players... Sign up now!
  9. @KEEF?
  10. Same thing
  11. @keef where are the upgrades?????
  12. There could be a number of alliances that are active and want members but with most inthe top 25 doing very little it's pretty difficult to recruit...
  13. @KEEF is there anyway to help out alliances who's commander isn't active? Just abandoned ship. We don't have that problem but others do... Could be a good way to get more players motivated again
  14. @KEEF any chance u can include player stats based on each season? games played/won/lost? points won/lost? curious....
  15. ok

    I've had 5 weak maps in a row... And revenging I'm up against what I think are 5 of the hardest... It's a great reward for those of us who are dedicated players... that said... I like that you have weak maps