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  1. I wanted to clear up that Crystal Drills are in the FAQ but didn't address the issue of having more than one Drill.
  2. Checked the FAQ but didn't see anything about Crystal Drills. I have one Crystal Drills (30 days) that gives me 20 Crystals a day. Can I buy another Crystal Drill to get more than 20 Crystals a day?
  3. I have been using auto play. I am pretty sure some parts have disappeared but not 100% sure since I was building Titans quick as I could. However I did upgrade one section on my dead L6 Golem trying to restart before I knew how to close out the Warp Zone issue. The upgrade when in ok and showed on the screen but that upgrade in my dead Golem disappeared. Another minor issue was my L6 Ripper was 50% damaged in that same Warp Zone when I lost the Golem. The issue that I can see came from doing the Daily Missions. my mission was to win 5 battles with the Ripper deployed. I must have won 50 plus battles with that Ripper but it still doesn't show any green circles in the Missions section. Other Missions works correctly and got credits. I am using a Nexus 9 tablet and with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (version March 2016).
  4. My L6 Golem has now come back on line after about 23 hours after I closed the Warp Zone. I am using a Nexus 9 tablet and with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (version March 2016). This is what it looked like a hour ago with a screen shot as I tried to select it for a battle. I am happy again but not going near the Warp Zone for a while. BTW, I only had four Titans two days when this happened so at the time it was like losing my major weapon.
  5. My L6 Golem still can not be selected for a battle after cashing out and quit the Warp Zone that closed 18 hours ago. Another new Warp Zone has started but I am afraid to go in and lose more Titans. I am using a Nexus 9 tablet and with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (version March 2016). I have reported it to Robocide through the mail we are exchanging since this started.
  6. Sorry that was me above since my account must have timed out and defaulted to Guest.
  7. I have only been playing Robocide for about 5 days and love it until I tried the Warp Zone. I been spending a little buying crystals to get started and put all my time and crystals into a Level 6 Golem and a Level 6 Ripper. I have a 15 level account and been three staring most stars on the STARMAP up till I lost my L6 Golem in the Warp Zone. I like the ARENA and the STARMAP but hate the Warp Zone. I read the Mission to win 20 stars in Warp. Won the first battle in Warp and in the 2nd battle was beat and my L6 Golem was killed and my L6 Ribber suffered 50% damage. Now I am stuck without a Golem and a damaged Ripper. Still building my WARMONGER up to L4. Now I can't fight well without my Golem. I have two Lifes left in the Warp Zone but I afraid to go back since I won't have any Titans left and don't know how to recover my Titans. I read the FAQ and even contacted Robocide but they still haven't told me how to get my Golem back. They say I can restart it if I have any lifes left which I do but they still haven't told me how to restart or get my Golem back. It has been about 20 hours since my Golem was killed but I am really starting to get upset with this game trying to get that Golem back since I had a lot invested in it. How do I get the Golem back to play the games. I am done with the Warp Zone but their is little info in the FAQ about getting back dead Titans.