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  1. PROBLEM We don't know which vehicles are more effective on defense vs other trophy hunters. Furthermore, we want to see how the game server AI uses our vehicles, and thus maybe we can make adjustments somehow. SOLUTION Offer video replay of defensive battles so we can learn. Enough said. Furthermore, I *REALLY* think adding some general AI instructions or guidance to our vehicles on defense would be very welcome. Examples: 1) Whenever possible, for this vehicle, always keep your furthest distance, but within firing range. 2) Whenever possible, stay behind another, preferably more sturdy, ally vehicle as cover. 3) Be more OR less aggressive to pick up power-ups. 4) Stay together in formation for greater support. 5) Break apart in these small formations / attack wings to avoid splash, etc. Certain rules can apply to individual vehicles, while others can apply to the entire Convoy.
  2. PROBLEM When player accounts reach level 22+, our convoy list becomes long, and that's wonderful. But changing out Convoy and Driver combinations can become tedious, especially when we realize its better to use certain combinations when: A) We are in "Attack Convoy" mode playing through the game OR B) We are away from our device- a "Defensive Convoy" Switching can become very frequent, and although swiping to find the right vehicles in your convoy selection screen burns extra healthy calories, its not the most efficient way of selection SOLUTION A: ADD EXISTING NAVIGATION On the Convoy selection screen where you can swipe through all your choices, just add that navigation array that already exists in the Upgrades screen where vehicles are grouped according to class- its essentially a file folder system. Higher level accounts need it! ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION B: CONVOY FAVORITES Give us 2 or 3 bookmark buttons where we can select and save our favorite Convoy and Driver formations. Going to sleep soon? Need to get back to work in a hurry? Want to protect your trophies? Tap "Convoy B", and voila, off you go!
  3. PROBLEM Especially when we reach L20 and earn the 4th vehicle, and when battles really get chaotic, its very easy to lose track of, and find your vehicles. If your developers ever do focus group meetings, just watch your players try and keep track of 4 vehicles in a hectic battle, and you will see what I mean. SOLUTION Have toggle controls in Settings where large bold green circles with Vehicle Type Symbol Icons (VTSI) (binoculars for scouts, etc) appear over each of our vehicles. If vehicles are off-map, large green pushpins with VTSIs appear on the edges of our screens. When players reach L20, an in-game message will remind them of this toggle control in Settings. If they don't like it, then they can simply turn it off.
  4. Ideas: Ramming, Following

    RAMMING Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think currently our vehicles do ramming damage. If not, it can be an idea to incorporate. The ram weapons themselves can also be an upgradable aspect. FOLLOW VEHICLES OPTIONS Related to ramming, I think adding the following automation options would be a fun and welcome Quality of Life enhancement. For example, during a battle, when we trace a route to an enemy vehicle, pop-up menus can give us the options: A) Hug Your vehicle will stay as close as possible to the target at all times, causing ramming damage only when appropriate. B) Tail Your vehicle will maintain 1 vehicle length away from target at all times. C) Ram Your vehicle will attempt to keep ramming the target repeatedly.
  5. Feature: City Clans & Wars

    SUMMARY Create a clan system centered around the cities of the game (NY, Camp Hope, BF, etc). Winners earn Custom Parts, and Premium Foods (I can imagine the icon depicting canned soups and chocolate bars- delicacies in the nuclear winter) both of which can be exchanged for Unique Vehicles and Unique Drivers at Hired Gun City (a new city location on the main map). NOT ANOTHER CLAN GAME! Yes, clan systems help create interactivity and community in all games, and yes, they are over-used. But here's how it can be a little unique. The cities themselves are the clans. Players, after reaching a certain level, can join or leave any of the existing cities. Players do not create clans as in other games. SUPPLY & DEMAND OF CITY CLAN MEMBERS An interesting way to self-regulate balance of member populations is to charge ever-changing prices for Poll Tax. The Poll Tax is the admission fee to enter that city as a clan member. The Poll Tax must dynamically change to a drastically high cost to discourage already powerful cities from admitting more members. Poll Taxes many times should charge coins and a combination of Resource Goods. During the 2 weeks, that member cannot leave that city clan. But of course he can still drive around the map, etc. Each city clan has their own chat channel. CITY WARS At all times, every city is engaged in a war vs another city. The game server automatically and randomly matches wars. Each war lasts 2 weeks. During wars, the player must travel on the map to the target city to attack it (or of course sell any regular goods [beef, coffee, bullets, etc.] there). Every War Attack consumes fuel. The War Attack Screen shows the (unique) graphic of the target city surrounded by a random selection (maybe a few dozen) of the target city's members' HQ camps as icons. The attacker simply chooses which icons to attack. The War Attack Screen is another kind of travel map. The most elite targets are furthest away, and requires the most fuel to attempt to attack it. Each target yields varying amounts of Custom Parts and or Premium Foods. The War Attack Screen refreshes every 2 hours with different targets. Of course, players can pay diamonds for a new Screen right away. SPOILS OF WAR At the end of every 2 weeks of war, the top 3 attackers from each city, with a minimum X number of participants, with the most war victories, earn 50, 22, and 10 diamonds. HIRED GUN CITY (HGC) Located near the center of the map is HGC, an entire city of tents, shacks, and ramshackle buildings. Most of these establishments are black markets or taverns attracting mercenaries. When players drive to HGC, they can: A) Buy a Drink & Get Tips For 5K coins, the player can view a screen listing all the current war matches between cities; each city's current Poll Tax Price; each city's relative power rating; and each city's relative up or down arrow trend in member population growth/decline. Shrewd independent players will strategize which city is the best value to join. B) Rent Ride / Merc It costs 10K coins to setup a meeting with a broker, and then the player can choose from a menu of Rides or Mercs all with different Custom Part or Premium Food Prices. After choosing, the player then must duel that Merc or Ride, leading other minions in a battle. If victorious, the player earns the right to use that Merc or Ride for 30 days in his Convoy. SOME WORDS ON GAME BALANCE Yes, the 30 day "rental" instead of permanent Convoy additions helps. But these Mercs and Rides should not be exceptionally powerful at all. Loud custom paint jobs of existing vehicle models with slightly more powerful/different weapons is all you need for "trophy" items players will enjoy using and owning.
  6. Previously, I mentioned Starborn Wanderers. Their fuel regeneration system is better I think. It's incremental, meaning every X sec/mt, you regenerate X amount of fuel. I think that would be a more welcome system than having to wait 2hrs for all your fuel to top up. Just divide 100% fuel by 2hrs and let the meter regenerate pro-rata maybe every 1-3mts.
  7. Weapon Stat Icons

    What exactly do each of these mean? 1. Bullet-Piercing Icon Damage? Or something more complicated in regards to an Armor Piercing factor/rating? 2. Speed Gauge Icon Rate of fire? or Range? or Velocity? 3. Crosshairs Icon Accuracy? or Range? I think a helpful idea to newer (and future) gamers would be to add an in-game tooltip: When you tap on these icons, a small balloon explains what they represent.
  8. Simple New Feature Idea, Top Up on Levelling

    Yes, KEEF, I like the potential of the game so far. And thank you for the prompt reply. I've been playing for about a week and my acct is now level 12. I'll add more feedback and ideas soon. How about making a separate area just for feedback and ideas? Right now, you just have News and Support.
  9. SUMMARY Every time we level our account, we should be awarded with an automatic top-up of fuel. It celebrates this achievement, plus it adds strategy for those of us who put extra thought and efficiency into our planning. Similar, more proven, mobile games I've played of this type (mapping, fuel-constrainted travelling, and trading), like GameInsight's Starborn Wanderers tops up fuel.