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  1. Cool, thanks for taking the time to consider it.
  2. Are we every going to get an in-game chat system? Also, when we are in the prep menu before an arena fight, can it show which alliance the player is in either next to/below the player's name? And maybe when we view a player's profile through the leaderboard menu it can show more stuff like how many points they've gained in the current season or "most used titans" or "most used hacks", just stuff like that.
  3. Bumping. We're still always looking for the best players to join us! We're now the #1 ranked alliance by over 30k points
  4. Also, just because I'm using iOS doesn't mean the other guy is too, unless the devs keep iOS and Android separate, which seems unlikely.
  5. A glitch with just one player in the entire game? And yes, people do go super genius insane with packet editors on mobile games. It's very common. I highly doubt it has anything to do with my specific phone...
  6. I have news on the arena glitch... It's definitely the player. IGN is "loveyang". As I'm typing this I found him in arena and I am once again endlessly fighting his Beserker titan. He's definitely cheating. No alarms went off on my phone or anything.
  7. Getting 3 stars but still losing pvp

    I was able to attack you and also got an easy 3 star! A great 51 points added to my rating, thanks.
  8. Getting 3 stars but still losing pvp

    Ok... Well thanks for your input I guess.
  9. So something interest happened to me in pvp today twice today. It always happens when the enemy has either juggernaut or hunter as a defense. I'll go around and do my normal thing and get the 2 or 3 star, and as I'm circling back around to take out the remaining titan it will attack my base with it's dying breathe and destroy it. It shows at the bottom that I got the 3 stars but then once my base is destroyed it ends the fight (which was seconds away from ending anyway) it tells me I've been defeated and I don't get any points Kind of sucks since I did actually beat it. Is the game supposed to be in favor of the defense? If so, then I guess that's fine. But if it's a true balance then the attacking player should be given the chance to run his course with remaining bots and titans, just as the defender is allowed, instead of the match instantly ending... A true last man standing. If my base is destroyed but my remaining units outlast the defending units, I should win.
  10. What is max level?

    Seems like it. I've never seen anything higher
  11. I got a picture here of what happens when an alarm rings in the middle of watching an ad. As you can see, the game only plays in portrait mode but it's playing it in landscape. I think it has something to do with the fact that the ad plays in landscape, so the alarm pops up in landscape as well and when it exits the ad it screws with the game.
  12. [Idk if this is an iOS-only problem but I figured I'd mention the platform I'm playing on.] I'm one of those people that has a bunch of alarms set on my phone and I've noticed the game doesn't know how to react when it's interrupted by one. I have 2 examples. 1) When I'm watching an ad to get the 500 metal bonus, the game gets confused as to whether the phone is in portrait or landscape mode and mixes it up. I wish I had taken a screenshot of what it looks like but I completely forgot to I will next time though. Basically what happens is that the game is displayed in portrait mode within landscape mode. However, this issue is fixed by hard-closing the app and rewatching the ad. 2) [Sorry this explanation is long, but I wanted to explain everything that happened in case a dev reads this.] This one is actually a problem because it happens in pvp. I was in the middle of fighting someone (20 points per star and an easy one to beat... finally!) and my alarm rang. I closed the alarm, continued fighting, and I'm happy to report I 3 starred my opponent. However, he had a beserker on the map that was still fighting and since it was level 10 I gave it plenty of time to keep fighting after death. I waited 5 seconds... 10 seconds... 15 seconds! How strong is this thing?? At that point I realized it had glitched and simply wouldn't die. It continued fighting my never ending stream of bots for over 30 seconds (seriously... 30 seconds). The timer reached 0:00 and the fight kept going...and going...and going. I had to abort the fight and I lost out on 60 points. It sucked, but whatever, I'll find another one. I decided to retry fighting him and it gives me the normal +5 reinforments and reduced 18 points per star. I start the fight and the exact same thing happened, which is the most curious part about it...the glitched effect carried over to the next fight. After the 2nd fight, I clicked 'give up' and did a hard-close of the app to reboot it and this solved the problem. I have videos of both. I can't upload videos here but I'll try to embed the youtube videos or just paste links to them. The 2nd video is differentiated by me holding up 2 of my fingers in the beginning. If the arena instance isn't a glitch, then the only other explanation I can think of is that the player I fought has done some sort of hacking so his titan has infinite health. Unfortunately he only had 1 titan on his defense so idk if it's specific to that titan or all titans with that skill (i.e. juggernaut). But I'd like to think it's just a glitch and not foul play Video 1 Video 2 Videos can also be differentiated by the location of my Golem. First video it stays at the bottom and doesn't move. Second video it is near the top.
  13. I'm familiar with all parts of the game except how it's decided what I will use to defend my base in Arena. The last 2 seasons I had barricades and the glowing crystal things and they worked great, most of my defenses were -0. But then this past season it gave me 2 bot generators, 2 cargos, 2 titans, and 2 stationary poison clouds. I'm getting destroyed on defense no matter how I position my units. I can't even move the poison clouds, so this season has really, REALLY sucked. I wake up to at least -50 points every morning (highest was -80), then get destroyed the rest of the day as well. Is there something I can do to get better stuff? I want the lazer barricades or the crystals, stuff like that. The layout I got this season was pathetic. It's so easy to 3 star...
  14. Thanks, but I already joined another guild