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  1. Regenerate Skill

    Repair speed is always 1% of max health; thus titan with max 30000 (after all upgrades) will repair 300/second. Maximum repaired amount is given X% of the damage taken; if titan has skill as 30% and takes 10000 damage, it will repair 3000 out of it Thus if titan has 30000 (max) health and skill 40% and takes 10000 damage, it will repair 4000 damage at rate of 300/s. So 1) means 1% of total health and is not based on damage taken, and 2) is based on damage taken. Another example: titan with 60000 max health and skill 60% takes 20000 damage - it repairs 12000 (20000*60%) of that damage at rate of 600/second (1% of 60000).
  2. Random updates from the development tower

    Lately I have been away (family business), but this week I have been mostly doing new maps and some balancing.
  3. Juggernaut Block Rain: kills or moves?

    Block rain crushes all bots (and cores) unfortunate enough to be under, including own bots. Enemy buildings and Titans also take damage, but not own.
  4. 1 photos, 3 questions

    A. How many times attacker failed B. Revenges cannot be revenged C. The best result against defender (you) Longer explanation of A+C: If I attack say player "Aku", not win, try again, and then win, the entry would be "defense beaten" with one failure (1 next to that red eye). If I would just try to attack 5 times and never win, it would be "perfect defense" and number 5 next to red eye. Basically you can only attack one target until you win.
  5. 1 photo, 2 questions

    There is just increasing number of stuff around the level - basically when background changes, stars "reset". (all this will change in next patch)
  6. Pvp ranking and points

    (but we will also fine tune it to have even more hits for top players, stay tuned)
  7. Pvp ranking and points

    So new match making is in place and more targets should be found. At least some people are reporting a lot of new targets and attacks. HOWEVER: We also added that you will no longer get your Alliance members as targets (as it should be). So this might be a bit issue for top players, so I recommend them splitting their alliance so they can keep on hitting each other....
  8. Comparing 1.8 PvP vs. 1.7

    Looks like eating a lot of meat during holiday seasons have made people more crafty in destroying enemy bots - pvp map win rates have climbed to 50-70% depending on the map.
  9. Random updates from the development tower

    Last week I was mainly freezing in -20 degree celsius at the start of the week. But there was some really cool looking "seasmoke" (silly name).
  10. Pvp ranking and points

    We are planning to install improved match making today, let's see if it makes things better... We will fine tune it further as needed, of course.
  11. Random updates from the development tower

    Last week I was mostly eating. A lot. (also adding finishing touches for the next update)
  12. Comparing 1.8 PvP vs. 1.7

    Some people have said that PvP is harder (to win as attacker) in 1.8 than it was earlier. That is true. In general, PvP was made harder as in 1.7 the winning ratio from most maps was over 50%, with over 70% for some, so it was obvious that something needs to be done. Thus, defense bot clouds were made a bit bigger in many maps. Now in 1.8, the win ratio is close to 50% in most maps, and the difference between various maps is much smaller. One complain during 1.7 was that defense maps with just single Titan were really hard to defend - according to new data this is far from truth anymore, maybe quite opposite. (Disclaimer: 1.8 is still so fresh that sample size is much smaller, but we will continue monitoring the overall balance of the pvp)
  13. Random updates from the development tower

    Last week I was mostly finishing new Alliances. Hopefully they get through validation process before everyone goes out for Xmas break.
  14. Random updates from the development tower

    Last weeks I have been mostly trying to get new progression system out. And it is finally out, but what a hassle that was.
  15. Random updates from the development tower

    Last weekend I as mostly re-introducing HACKS into game. Those playing early versions of the game might remember those little tweaks to your force to change tactics/strategy to your liking. They are not exactly what they used to be, but I could still use some parts of the old code.