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  1. Buffed Converter Titans

    The recent update added buffs to the converter titans, which are: - Attack range increased by 17% - No longer targeted by titans if a large group of bots are near One thing that makes the titans invincible is the second buff. The converter titans converts enemy bots, instead of killing them, and when max level they can convert the bots with one hit. The converter titans also have high mobility, meaning once they finish converting all bots nearby, they can immediately move to the next area. They also tend to move to places highly populated. Now that they are not targeted by titans when a group of bots are around, they are near impossible to destroy. When a large group of enemy bots are approaching, you are forced to block them with your bots first, but then that allows the titans to convert them. Now after the buff this makes the converters never targeted by enemy titans. They are already coded to run away from bots when attacked. So destroying them with bots (also they can convert the bots) is also quite impossible. The titans should be coded to just run away when attacked just like they do for bots, instead of not being targeted which makes it unfair for other titans.
  2. Well, as i guessed, no improvement to the items sell price in the recent update. And the update screwed up the income even more. Before, the Warp Zone had the last level as Devil's Quarter, which i could beat about 5~6 times repeatedly, getting me 300~500 shards. Now after the recent update and added content, i can't get higher than 234 shards, as all my favorite titans die after the level after Devil's Quarter. Also if i play on Devil's Quarter badly and take away more than 20% of golem's health, I can't even get past 198. I think with the seriously low income of metals, the game is going dead. i literally have 20~25 of all items level 3 to 6, but i can't even spend them to upgrade titans anymore. Please consider buffing the item sell prices, nerfing the Warp Zone, or add new ways to earn tons of metals that can catch up with the ridiculous crafting costs.
  3. "Improvement to warp zone"

    Hi guys. The recent update log stated that an improvement to the warp zone was made. If removing the textboxes (those stating the current reward and lives left) from the ui and embedding it to the timeline (assuming this as it scrolls with the timeline) was one of them, can you revert it please? The screenshot shows one of the most obvious issues. Also, it isn't even sitting where i am, indicated by my IGN. It is placed above it by some random amount of pixels, which makes even less sense. Also, it made much more sense to have the current reward right above the "give up and collect" button, and lives left right above the start button.