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Top 3 Alliances (week 3)

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KEEF    96

Hi guys! 

Time goes fast and we can't believe that millions of PvP matches have been played so far! 

Top 3 Alliances below and I can see the Feel Good inc. rising fast!! 

Congrats to all of you!

Leaderboard champs-2.jpg

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Bot    40
1 hour ago, Arty O Donnell said:

Ascalon currently #26 ? For some reason every "new" player the game finds for your alliance seems to stop playing as soon as they join..

I've had a few awesome PvPers come and move on to the top 10 from mine, I got no ill will to anyone trying to move up.  We were at top 25 for about a week, but now we hover around top 100-300 due to being 20/25

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