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Feature: City Clans & Wars

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GrimFuture    9

Create a clan system centered around the cities of the game (NY, Camp Hope, BF, etc). Winners earn Custom Parts, and Premium Foods (I can imagine the icon depicting canned soups and chocolate bars- delicacies in the nuclear winter) both of which can be exchanged for Unique Vehicles and Unique Drivers at Hired Gun City (a new city location on the main map).

Yes, clan systems help create interactivity and community in all games, and yes, they are over-used. But here's how it can be a little unique. The cities themselves are the clans. Players, after reaching a certain level, can join or leave any of the existing cities. Players do not create clans as in other games.

An interesting way to self-regulate balance of member populations is to charge ever-changing prices for Poll Tax. The Poll Tax is the admission fee to enter that city as a clan member. The Poll Tax must dynamically change to a drastically high cost to discourage already powerful cities from admitting more members. Poll Taxes many times should charge coins and a combination of Resource Goods. During the 2 weeks, that member cannot leave that city clan. But of course he can still drive around the map, etc. Each city clan has their own chat channel.

At all times, every city is engaged in a war vs another city. The game server automatically and randomly matches wars. Each war lasts 2 weeks. During wars, the player must travel on the map to the target city to attack it (or of course sell any regular goods [beef, coffee, bullets, etc.] there). Every War Attack consumes fuel. The War Attack Screen shows the (unique) graphic of the target city surrounded by a random selection (maybe a few dozen) of the target city's members' HQ camps as icons. The attacker simply chooses which icons to attack. The War Attack Screen is another kind of travel map. The most elite targets are furthest away, and requires the most fuel to attempt to attack it. Each target yields varying amounts of Custom Parts and or Premium Foods. The War Attack Screen refreshes every 2 hours with different targets. Of course, players can pay diamonds for a new Screen right away.

At the end of every 2 weeks of war, the top 3 attackers from each city, with a minimum X number of participants, with the most war victories, earn 50, 22, and 10 diamonds.

Located near the center of the map is HGC, an entire city of tents, shacks, and ramshackle buildings. Most of these establishments are black markets or taverns attracting mercenaries. When players drive to HGC, they can:

A) Buy a Drink & Get Tips
For 5K coins, the player can view a screen listing all the current war matches between cities; each city's current Poll Tax Price; each city's relative power rating; and each city's relative up or down arrow trend in member population growth/decline. Shrewd independent players will strategize which city is the best value to join.

B) Rent Ride / Merc
It costs 10K coins to setup a meeting with a broker, and then the player can choose from a menu of Rides or Mercs all with different Custom Part or Premium Food Prices. After choosing, the player then must duel that Merc or Ride, leading other minions in a battle. If victorious, the player earns the right to use that Merc or Ride for 30 days in his Convoy.

Yes, the 30 day "rental" instead of permanent Convoy additions helps. But these Mercs and Rides should not be exceptionally powerful at all. Loud custom paint jobs of existing vehicle models with slightly more powerful/different weapons is all you need for "trophy" items players will enjoy using and owning.

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KEEF    96

OMG that's amazing! 

We are actually reading this post together with the devs :D 

Lot of love from Winterstate

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Guest AceOfJokers   
Guest AceOfJokers

Wow Grim has some really REALLY good ideas here. I fell in love with this game over the past 2 weeks because it takes skill and strategy.  I came here to try and find what the player and vehicle level caps are, no luck so I'll find out on my own :D.   I watch a lot of ads to get more missions. I feel this is a fair way for you to make money and for me to advance in the game, GOOD JOB! :D

Keep up the good work Winterstate team!


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