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"Endgame" Titans

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Suggestion is to include a few unique and high-level Titans that require PVP arena victory to get blueprints AND unique materials for upgrades.

Each "Unique" titan requires 3 respective blueprints

Each "Unique" titan requires special versions of the level 4-5-6 materials to upgrade in higher levels.

The "Unique" versions of the 4-5-6 materials can only be obtained from PvP rewards


Hydra ( Unique variant of the Juggernaught series )

  • 3500 base attack
  • 25000 base defense
  • Speed of 5
  1. Skill 1: Teleport ( Teleports to another area but requires Titan to "Cooldown" and freeze itself for a few seconds after )
  2. Skill 2: Severed ( When destroyed splits into 2 weaker Titans )
  3. Skill 3: Fortified ( All nearby bots gain a slight boost to health )

The unique feature with this Titan is that when it is destroyed it splits into 2 titans ( only occurs once ) - you cannot use the split titan's skills manually

  • 3000 base attack
  • 5000 base defense
  • Speed of 35
  1. Skill 1: Taunt ( Agros at 2x range for a few seconds but can't attack while doing so )
  2. Skill 2: Chemistry ( When destroyed creates an acid cloud that lasts a few seconds )


Psycho ( Unique variant of the Ripper series )

  • 2000 base attack ( AOE does reduced damage to nearby bots )
  • 8000 base defense
  • Speed of 30
  1. Skill 1: Robocidal ( Force yourself to self-destruct causing large damage )
  2. Skill 2: Terrifying ( When dropped, enemy titans flee for a few seconds - doesn't effect bots )
  3. Skill 3: Wicked ( All nearby bots gain a slight boost to speed )

The unique feature with this Titan is that the more it's hurt the more damage it does ( <25% = double damage ) and it's standard attack is an AOE


Engineer ( Unique variant of the Valkyrie series )

  • 0 base attack ( No attack, instead transfers HP to another titan )
  • 25000 base defense
  • Speed of 45
  1. Skill 1: Robotomy ( AOE attack effects all bots, turns them into blocks )
  2. Skill 2: Cloaking ( When dropped, ignored by all enemies for a few seconds )
  3. Skill 3: Overclocked ( All nearby bots gain a slight health recovery rate )

The unique feature with this Titan is that it can heal your other Titan at the cost of it's own health

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