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"Improvement to warp zone"

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ZeroByDivide    34

Hi guys. 

The recent update log stated that an improvement to the warp zone was made. image.thumb.png.348b9f4b6f0f351098078d69

If removing the textboxes (those stating the current reward and lives left) from the ui and embedding it to the timeline (assuming this as it scrolls with the timeline) was one of them, can you revert it please? The screenshot shows one of the most obvious issues. Also, it isn't even sitting where i am, indicated by my IGN. It is placed above it by some random amount of pixels, which makes even less sense.

Also, it made much more sense to have the current reward right above the "give up and collect" button, and lives left right above the start button. 

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KEEF    96

Reading it! :D 

I noticed this in my game as well. Let's see what we can do. Looks quite confusing :D 

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