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Ideas: Ramming, Following

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GrimFuture    9

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think currently our vehicles do ramming damage. If not, it can be an idea to incorporate. The ram weapons themselves can also be an upgradable aspect.

Related to ramming, I think adding the following automation options would be a fun and welcome Quality of Life enhancement. For example, during a battle, when we trace a route to an enemy vehicle, pop-up menus can give us the options:

A) Hug
Your vehicle will stay as close as possible to the target at all times, causing ramming damage only when appropriate.

B) Tail
Your vehicle will maintain 1 vehicle length away from target at all times.

C) Ram
Your vehicle will attempt to keep ramming the target repeatedly.

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KEEF    96

Hey nice stuff! 

We all keep an eye on ideas and especially feedback so I am sure the devs will be happy to read this!

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