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Better guild search

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ZeroByDivide    34

Currently the search option for guilds is only by the guild name, which is not really helpful, especially for players wanting to join. 

I have a few suggestions to improve the guild search:

1) Search by member names (at least by commander names). During Arena, players might want to look up on others' guilds. 

2) Add search filters. These filters include: level requirement, available space, guild level, guild coins, etc.

3) Categorised leaderboard: currently it's by the guild coins. Guild level and incoming reputation for the season are two more options i have. Having a leaderboard sorted by incoming reputation would be good to encourage more participation.


P.S. Right now clicking on the magnifying glass on players in the Arena shows only coins, but clicking it in alliances shows the alliance name as well. That's kinda pointless; both should show the alliance name, or at least swap them around.

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KEEF    96

For now we are not implementing a new guild search. 

In the meantime, today we will release the new update :)

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