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More QOL: Easier Convoy Selection

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GrimFuture    9

When player accounts reach level 22+, our convoy list becomes long, and that's wonderful. But changing out Convoy and Driver combinations can become tedious, especially when we realize its better to use certain combinations when:

A) We are in "Attack Convoy" mode playing through the game
B) We are away from our device- a "Defensive Convoy"

Switching can become very frequent, and although swiping to find the right vehicles in your convoy selection screen burns extra healthy calories, its not the most efficient way of selection

On the Convoy selection screen where you can swipe through all your choices, just add that navigation array that already exists in the Upgrades screen where vehicles are grouped according to class- its essentially a file folder system. Higher level accounts need it!

Give us 2 or 3 bookmark buttons where we can select and save our favorite Convoy and Driver formations. Going to sleep soon? Need to get back to work in a hurry? Want to protect your trophies? Tap "Convoy B", and voila, off you go!

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