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Idea: Defensive Video Playback

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GrimFuture    9

We don't know which vehicles are more effective on defense vs other trophy hunters. Furthermore, we want to see how the game server AI uses our vehicles, and thus maybe we can make adjustments somehow.

Offer video replay of defensive battles so we can learn. Enough said.

Furthermore, I *REALLY* think adding some general AI instructions or guidance to our vehicles on defense would be very welcome.


1) Whenever possible, for this vehicle, always keep your furthest distance, but within firing range.

2) Whenever possible, stay behind another, preferably more sturdy, ally vehicle as cover.

3) Be more OR less aggressive to pick up power-ups.

4) Stay together in formation for greater support.

5) Break apart in these small formations / attack wings to avoid splash, etc.

Certain rules can apply to individual vehicles, while others can apply to the entire Convoy.

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