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Hello everyone! I'm new here, just starting to play the game two days ago and I really like it! 

Here's my suggestions:

I have two suggestions for future bosses:

The first boss should be a Destroyer ( I'm talking about the ship), it should be really large and equipped with several cannons that will shot at the players.

My second suggestion is a supercarrier (Of course, it should be REALLY big), the carrier don't have any weapon, but it transports a large amount of aircrafts that will drop Napalm strikes on the player. 


I've never played multiplayer in this game (I don't think it has one) but could you guys add real time battles? 2vs2 and 3vs3...

Also, maybe add a mode where 2 or 3 players (realtime of course) are tasked destroy really hard bosses (maybe the one that I suggested would be great for that).

I also want to have paint jobs in this game, they shouldn't cost too much and there should be a wide variety of them available, maybe you guys can make contests where the community suggests paint jobs for the game. 

And of course, add some more vehicles, just please don't make them too overpriced.  

It would be really cool if we had helicopters and airplanes in the game! 


Please don't ruin this game with IAPs, I mean I know you guys need money somehow, but please don't ruin this game like *cough*cough*Gameloft*cough*cough*, *cough*cough*EA*cough*cough, *cough*cough*Glue games*cough*cough*

Thanks for reading this, and see ya! 


Sorry for for my bad English ;-;



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Hi and thanks for the awesome post!! 

We all really loved your feedback and for sure we will take it into consideration. 

Thanks again, Boss!

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Sahin K add my team

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