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Pacifist Mode

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ZeroByDivide    34

Currently the Arena system is weird. If you happen to be unable to play for some period, you will come back and find yourself roasted with a loss of like 5k points.

What everyone wants is this Pacifist Mode, and this is what I think how it should work, regarding all the balancing and other fundamentals.

Before or during a season you are able to enter Pacifist Mode (with a confirmation dialog - required). When entered, you completely opt out of the current season, and you are unable to attack or get attacked, or even revenge, until you exit Pacifist Mode. However, in order to prevent players from abusing this feature, there is a penalty for entering Pacifist Mode: during Pacifist Mode, there will be an option to exit the mode, and when you exit during the season you entered Pacifist Mode in, you're placed in the next season. That means you won't be able to receive any rewards for the season you entered Pacifist Mode. You will still be able to attack. 

Pacifist Mode should carry on, until the player manually exits from it. When they exit during a season after the season they entered in, apply the normal rule: if less than one day is remaining, put into the next season; otherwise put into the current season. No abuse can be performed from this, and this logic is necessary, since if a player only wanted to opt out of one season, they don't have to exit the mode before the season ends.

I really hope this feature is added. It doesn't really break anything either.


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