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Titan Appreciation thread

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Bot    40

What is your Titan combo?

I prefer the basic Ripper/Golem combo for the "Freezy Pop" tactic.  Let the enemy swarm, drop a golem to freeze, drop the ripper to pop.


What methods do you guys use?

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Katz    30

Typically all you need is Golem/X.  But for the more pesky defense combos (like when they have a drop-in Golem), I prefer Valkyrie/Warmonger.  Canceling EMP is one of the best feelings.  Now if only there was a debuff to get rid of those damn decoy bombs...

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Cupid Stunt    29

I'm a golem & hunter combo, move my bots to the side if possible and backdoor highest priority (spawn point or rocket varies).

let the golem freeze the first enemy wave, quickly followed by the hunter who can take a ton of hits too.

once my second wave comes round and protects my base, it's gg. 

Even if its a standstill, the hunter wrecks any opposing titan. Plus his decoy is OP! 

The main time this tactic fails, is when spawn points split my wave in half, i.e either side of my base. In which case i'll use Golem & Juggernaut and play the long game

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Leyline    0

Golem / Ripper was my first low level combo, and obviously Butcher replaced Ripper,

Now I really like the Butcher / Hunter combo for fast clearing, and I am going to try to go back to Golem, his EMP was so nice.

Butcher with his shield, I drop him, and he holds off and clears the whole 1st wave, while I side step my bots, and drop the hunter behind the enemy to stop core draggers or enemy titan.

Currently: Golem lvl 3, Hunter level 6, butcher level 7,   bots lvl 6


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